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Click Here to Visit Their Site is your source for everything Slippery Rock. Our Online business directory brings area businesses, lodging, dining, shopping and other services conveniently into your home. Local residents are justifiably proud of their community. This quiet university town boasts of a low crime rate and high quality of life. Set in the midst of beautiful rural Western Pennsylvania, Slippery Rock is world famous because of its unique name and the excellent state university that shares that name. Take a closer look!

Slippery Rock University


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In 1889, Centreville's landscape was forever changed by the creation of the Slippery Rock State Normal School. The first class was made up of 168 students enrolled in a fourteen week term, and tuition, room and board came to a grand total of $32.00! Since that time, the University has been renamed three times- from Slippery Rock State Teacher's College to Slippery Rock State College to Slippery Rock University - and has grown from its humble beginnings to accommodate approximately 8,000 students.
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Slippery Rock In Bloom


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Slippery Rock Rotary has formed the Slippery Rock in Bloom Committee, in partnership with Slippery Rock Development, Slippery Rock Borough Council, Slippery Rock University, SR Business Association, SR School District, Butler County agencies, PA Extension Office, the Audubon Society and others to become an "America in Bloom" city. Slippery Rock in Bloom Committee (SRIB) has developed a plan to address these areas:

  • An environmental survey, in partnership with SRU, of forestry efforts in the Borough and Township, including tree replanting in town
  • A fabricated soil restoration project from tributaries of the Slippery Rock Creek with a demonstration site at the Slippery Rock Municipal Park, provided by SRU students for Slippery Rock school children
  • A survey of local businesses on the needs and improvements for a cleaner environment, provided by SRU Business majors
  • Restoration of the urban planning project which includes completing the landscaping plan begun @ ten years ago
  • Repairing the sprinkler system for the plantings already in place.
  • Expanding the recycling program for the Borough and Township which has lost funding
  • Planting and maintaining the floral beds, some which have been abandoned
  • Involving all school aged children and university students in understanding their environmental impact
  • Involving all community members in planting and improving their community.

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VillageFest 2017

Date: September 16, 2017

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